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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the commonly asked queries in the handypersons industry.

How do I get a free quote?

Free quotes occur when you need the job done without notice on the day and agree with T&Cs.

Setting up, job requirements, task-related specifics, job performance is not underestimated. Why is this so important?

If you need one or more tasks done on the same day, the manner in the way the work is performed may incur additional costs. In either case, this is due to one or more tasks taking longer than anticipated with unpredicted potential complexities. As a result, this slows down the expected completion times.

How to avoid confusion? It’s best to obtain a quote if you think one or more jobs will take longer than anticipated. In order for us to provide the right information? Call us today, or click the button to get a quote.

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Yes, I do, here’s why!

My unique approach allows me to consider all aspects of your project, one job or several, multi-tasking with suppliers and informing you of an outcome with a well-informed quote for your approval is one step closer to getting high-quality work done and the job done right the first time.

It allows me to invest the correct time and resources into developing a detailed plan tailored specifically to your needs no matter what challenges arise. In fact, our service promises to deliver, whilst ensuring you come out on top.

I have invested over seven years across diverse service industries in providing quotes to private homes, commercial businesses and strata.

Our quoting process is continuously developing to ensure I give you a better outcome.
You get a complete solution by obtaining a quote from ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE.

Your home and building are long-term investments. It needs to be in great hands every step of the way so you can get on with your next project and have more time on your work-life balance.

Find out if paying for a quote, provides more value?


For tasks and jobs that need to be done on any given day without obtaining a quote from ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE, I charge *$90.00 plus G.S.T per hour.

Have more than one task combined? I provide a fixed price when you obtain a quote from ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE.

*Hourly rate terms and conditions – Minimum two-hour charge and a callout/service fee of $90.00+G.S.T. regardless if the job takes less than two hours to complete, from 7 a.m. – to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive. Hourly rates increase after 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday only. Payment is due on completion of work on any given day. The callout/service fee may be charged before starting the work. Weekend rates apply.

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Depending on the volume of work, your project can start immediately, provided I am not booked when you want it done.

It can take a week or longer to assess and anticipate several jobs requiring multitasking, labour and materials costs, the likelihood of inconveniences with any tasks combined when your project is on the larger side.
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ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE has a variety of payment methods developed as part of our customer service to offer our past and future clients a multitude of payment methods.

Acceptable payment methods
• Bank transfer – Using your phone banking application on a smartphone (OSKO payments)
• Cash – cash payments in Australian dollar.
• Direct deposit – using a desktop, laptop and or tablet, can be transferred to ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE account.
• Eftpos – tap or insert your card, accepting all major credit cards. *Eftpos surcharge applies to all transactions. 1.150% of the total amount.

Non-acceptable payment methods
Cheques – ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE does not accept cheques.
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Yes I do. I prefer to quote the job first to rule out any misunderstandings. We understand emergencies pop up, or you can’t wait for whatever reason and you simply need a good quality job done.

Phone ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE to get the job done!

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ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE does not engage in any electrical, plumbing or foundational structural reinforcement to the home or building.

I don’t undertake large landscaping projects, glazing or roofing services or complete tile or flooring installations.
I repair and replace timber floor joists, floorboards or tiling and provide the following services;

• Gutter cleaning
• Installation of the skylight
• Roof ventilation, whirlybird installation
• Replacement of polycarbonate sheeting to pergolas
• Installation or repair of new or existing pergolas.

Specialising in:
• Additions
• Building and home repairs
• Complex, precision installations
• Custom-made solutions
• Demolition
• General carpentry
• Heritage restorations
• High-quality work only
• Modifications
• Renovations
• Removing building materials that require not damaging other building materials adjacent to or near
• Restorative work

Projects that require other licensed professional tradespersons to work in conjunction with the works performed by ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE are always provided to clients on request.

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ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE™ is built on the core foundation of integrity, honesty and transparency with no surprises in hidden fees.

To provide a ballpark figure on what it might cost is not a fixed price. An estimate is the service provider’s best guess of the job costs. Based on skill and experience.

Every job is different and requires catering to that particular client, their premises, level of detail, complexity and job requirements.

I don’t change the price halfway through or have surprise hidden fees unless it is beyond my control. I only provide fixed prices, charge hourly and do not engage in guesswork.

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I provide high-quality work only and utilise safe work practices. I am committed to following through on every stage of your project and offer a *Three years warranty on every task completed.

Investing in Australian, Japanese and German quality tools allows me to deliver precision installations and attention to detail. The high-end tools are a pleasure to work with, so you can appreciate the work.

My knowledge and expertise in the building is continuously improving regarding repairs, complex installations, and general carpentry.

*Three years warranty only applies to any works completed by ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE when invoice paid in full. Excludes materials used by us or provided by you.

To learn more about who we are, visit our About Us page.

About Us


No job is too big or too small, complicated, or unusual.
You will receive a satisfying experience from start to finish and an excellent job for the money you pay for.

I stand by my guarantee no matter what!
ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE thrives in out-of-the-box projects and operates for private domestic households, commercial, strata and the government.

Our custom-made solutions is provided to you and tailored to produce the result you are after in your home or office.

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