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Privacy Policy

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General Statement

This Privacy Policy is published by ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE – ABN 94 267 285 877 

Our Privacy Policy explains how we manage your personal information, including not publishing your experiences with INTLHS™ regarding INTLHS™ practices and processes. Agree not to tarnish the reputation of INTLHS™ or publish misleading information about your interactions on any digital formats, social media, forums, websites, or handwritten articles without the expressed intent sought from INTLHS™.

If you do not provide the requested personal information required to initiate your quote (or the information supplied is non-related to our services, incorrect, false or spam in nature.) You may not receive a response from us. In some cases, you are compromised or restricted from using our website. 

INTLHS™ respects your right to privacy and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our clients and website visitors. INTLHS™ adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles, referenced in the Privacy Act 1988 and its changes. This policy sets out how we collect and manage your personal information. INTLHS™ has an open, transparent management of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy sets out: 

  1. How do we collect your personal information?
  2. How do we use your personal information?
  3. How do we store your personal information?
  4. Disclosure of your personal information
  5. Access to your personal information
  6. How do we use your information on third-party sites?
  7. Complaints resolution process about the way we collect, handle, request and store your information
  8. Collection of non-personally identifiable information
  9. How do we secure your personal information? 
  10. Changes to our Privacy Policy
  11. How Cookies, are used?
  12. Data protection
  13. Intellectual property

This Privacy Policy is available to view only without charge (AUS) only, and only available upon request in writing and may be declined if the validity of your request does not meet the requirements to substantiate your requests. 

Please email info@intlhandyman.com.au should you require a copy emailed to you.

1. How do we collect your personal information?

1.1 Information is collected when you enter our website, provided to us directly via internet protocols or given to us in other forms.

1.2 To provide the best customer experience, INTLHS™ requests information such as your first and last name, phone number, location, address, email and a description of the intended works and the ability to upload pictures to enable us to initiate the quoting process. 

1.3 Additional information is collected at other times. When you provide feedback, enter information on digital formats, interact with social media, forums, blogs or handwritten articles and other sites that mention INTLHS™.

1.4 Information may be stored and used for advertising with your IP address, personal or business affairs. Information may be stored and used for advertising with content changes or email preferences, responses to surveys, promotions, and newsletters utilised for advertising.

1.5 We may request financial or credit card information or communication within customer support. 

1.6 We may also collect any other information you provide while interacting with us. So we can provide updates and processes to your product or service request.

1.7 We may receive personal information from third parties. If we do, we will protect it as set out in this Privacy Policy.

2. How do we use your personal information?

2.1 Upon your first visit and ongoing visits to our website (www.intlhandyman.com.au), we may collect certain information such as browser type, operating system, website visited immediately before and after coming to our website, the pages viewed and visited and for how long. This information is gathered in several analytical software to be solely used to improve our services.

2.2 INTLHS™ may use personal information collected from you to provide updates and disclose our services. Other information provided to you may be additional products, services and opportunities available. We may use your personal information to improve our products and services and better understand your needs.

2.3 INTLHS™ may contact you using a variety of measures including, but not limited to calls on your mobile, digital means, social media platforms, emails or mail.

2.4 INTLHS™ uses the personal information provided by Clients to generate a quote or invoice as accurately as possible. 

2.5 INTLHS™ takes before and after “pics” from digital applications and uses them with information you provide for quotation purposes and uploads to generate professional invoices. From time to time, we may use these pics on social media and other digital platforms to promote, generate inquiries and obtain ongoing work.

2.6 All digital invoices are kept in a database for future customer engagement and promotional references and used solely by INTLHS™ in conjunction with analytical purposes.

2.7 INTLHS™ may ask to provide a written review on digital review platforms. The information remains with before and after pics and may be used on other platforms digitally associated with the works.

3. How do we store your personal information?

3.1 To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we put in place suitable physical and electronic procedures to safeguard and secure your information and protect it from identity theft, misuse, sale of your personal information, unauthorised access and disclosure.

3.2. We cannot guarantee the security of any transmissions or information you transmit to us in exchange for initiating our services directly from us electronically. It remains at your own risk to submit the information we require. 

3.3 Reasonable measures are implemented to safeguard your personal information against theft, unauthorised exposure and use. 

3.4 We cannot promise to disclose personal information we collect will not be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Privacy Policy.   

4. Disclosure of your personal information

4.1. Your personal information is disclosed to subcontractors, our employees, insurers, third party, or suppliers as reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Personal information is only supplied to a third party when it is required for INTLHS™ to deliver our services.

4.2. We may conduct a background check on your financial position and inquire with debt collection databases, disclosing your personal information. Query any negative experiences you may have had with other tradies, related building industries and credit scoring. 

4.3 Your personal information may be disclosed to emergency services, solicitors, NSW regulators, court orders or subpoenas, or warrants, in the act of a legal proceeding requested by the appropriate service and or authority. 

4.4. To protect the copyright, trademarks, legal rights, property or safety of INTLHS™, your personal information may be used provided by you to www.intlhandyman.com.au, its clients or third parties.

4.5. Information collected may be processed, stored, or transferred between our databases and local servers inside and outside NSW / Australia.

4.6. Should INTLHS™ no longer operate with the sole trading ownership of Yevgeny Osovsky or a sale or transfer of business name and assets, Yevgeny Osovsky reserves the rights to transfer our user databases, together with any personal information and non-personal information contained in those databases, to the extent permissible by law. 

4.7 This information is disclosed to potential buyers under a confidentiality agreement. We would seek only to disclose information in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances.

4.8 By providing us with personal information, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the types of disclosure covered in this Privacy Policy. Where we disclose your personal information to third parties, we will request any third party follow this Privacy Policy, which includes handling our personal information.

5. Access to your personal information

5.1 You may request details of personal information kept about you following the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988. 

5.2 A fee is payable for the provision of information. The fee is determined by what information you require. If you would like a copy of the information we hold about you or believe that any information we hold may be inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please email info@intlhandyman.com.au

5.3 INTLHS™ reserves the right to refuse your request about certain information we hold about you set out in the Privacy Act 1988.

6. How do we use your information on third-party sites? 

6.1 Our website may have links to other websites not owned or controlled by INTLHS™. Third-party websites that link to our website and vice versa do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement or seek approval. INTLHS™ is not responsible for the privacy practices of other third-party websites. 

6.2 Third-party links we use include; credit scoring, debt collection databases, and review platforms.

6.3 We encourage our users to pay attention to the SSL when they leave our website and leave the site immediately if no security measures are displayed. 

6.4 We encourage you to read the privacy policy of every website that collects personally identifiable information.

6.5 We may notify you about changes to our website, products and services, and information we think you may find valuable. We do not sell or transfer this information to third parties. You may opt out at any time with recurring emails or newsletters. You can request to no longer receive information from INTLHS™ by sending a request to info@intlhandyman.com.au

6.6 INTLHS™ reserves the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy the law, regulators, or legal request, to protect the integrity of our website, to fulfil your requests, or to cooperate in any law enforcement investigation or an investigation on a matter of public safety. 

6.7 INTLHS™ reserves the right to modify the terms of our Privacy Policy. Therefore, it may be necessary for our regular clients and visitors to check here periodically to review the information on how we collect and store your personal information. 

7. Complaints resolution process about the way we collect, handle, request and store your information

7.1 If you have any complaints about the way we collect, handle, request and store your information, please send us an email in writing as follows; 

1. What the nature of the complaint is?

2. The inconvenience caused by the nature of the complaint?

3. What outcome do you want us to take about the nature of the complaint?

Email: info@intlhandyman.com.au. 

8. Collection of non-personally identifiable information 

8.1 INTLHS™ may utilise advertising and marketing analytics tools to collect information about user experience or navigational habits on our site. This information does not contain or is used to identify personal information about any individual across our site and any third-party sites we affiliate our business (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.)

8.2 Information can be collected and stored in the Cookie and may utilise your IP address, Internet service provider and usage statistics.

8.3 Should INTLHS™ require your precise location using our sites through various devices, INTLHS will seek your fully expressed consent so you can continue to benefit from using our site with added functions in the future.

8.4 INTLHS™ may use email remarketing applications from other online affiliates through advertising campaigns that advertise home improvement services.    

8.5 INTLHS™ is part of the Google ecosystem applications, including but not limited to their use of Cookies, affiliates and information retrieved and used on their applications in combination or separately from our website.

8.6 You may disable Cookies at any time by changing the security settings on your browser and or using Google products installed as a widget to your browser to assist your preferential browsing methods.

9. How do we secure your information? 

9.1 INTLHS™ keeps the information on local hard drives, invoicing software and database programs (e.g. contacts, word, excel, etc.)  

9.2 INTLHS™ will apply reasonable measures to ensure the personal information we collect, hold, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

9.3 INTLHS™ will take measures to protect your personal information from misuse, interference loss, unauthorised access, modification, and disclosure, using industry-standard encryption supplied by the manufacturer of our local hard drives and software that the third-party uses to encrypt their personal information. 

9.4 INTLHS™ will not be liable for any breach of your personal information should your personal information be stored on any third-party local hard drives, cloud systems or offline applications methods.   

9.5 If you have experienced any breach of your personal information, or your personal information is compromised, you are to advise us immediately in writing as follows; 

1. What the nature of the breach is?

2. What has been compromised by the nature of the breach?

3. What outcomes would you like, so you are not continued to be compromised? 

Please email at; info@intlhandyman.com.au

10. Changes to our Privacy Policy

10.1 INTLHS™ reserves the right to change our Privacy Policy at any stage. It remains your responsibility to check for any changes to the clauses. All modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting. New changes to the Privacy Policy replace previous versions on our website or notice boards. Please check back from time to time to review our Privacy Policy.

11. How Cookies, are used? 

11.1 We may use cookies to assist our website. Cookies are small files that the website uses to identify your traffic on the internet when you visit related information, sites, or products and return to our site. It then stores details about your usage patterns. 

11.2 Most web browsers automatically accept Cookies. You can choose to reject cookies by changing your browser settings or opting out every time. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of our website. 

11.3 Cookies are also used to analyse our website traffic and help us to provide a better site experience for you and future clients. 

11.4 To display relevant ads, Cookies may be stored in your browser settings whilst visiting our website through third-party services such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other third-party ads formulated on behalf of INTLHS™ target audiences. These ads may appear on our website or other websites you visit and on other digital devices that support Cookie functions.

12. Data protection

12.1 Personal information collected will be used and held under the provisions of the data protection act 1998. Please refer to your rights and your obligations under this act.

13. Intellectual property

13.1 All intellectual property and its proprietary services, future changes, products, and methodology remain the property of INTLHS™.

13.2 By using our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy collection methods and use of your information and agree to our terms and conditions. 

13.3 Should you disagree with any of the clauses, close the website and do not continue to use our services or visit our website.


Personal information – Information we hold which is identifiable as being about you.



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