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How to inspect your home externally?

I deserve a holiday (don’t we all)

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Work Life Balance

Work life balance, the holiday you deserve. Am I right, or am I right? (I’m so overdue) Lol…

Picture this, waking up Saturday morning, the weather, a gold lustre of ambient light peeking through the window of your hotel room. You wake up telling yourself, “Wow, I slept really well last night”.

You step out onto the balcony that views. A mountain with a green distance of several million plantations and the ocean that seems to make you younger just by looking at it. (Tranquility)

Somehow, the ocean whispers, you want to stay here and not go home. (Or was that a voice inside your head)? Either way, who cares right. You want that ever-lasting holiday to never end, so what do you do? You walk to the end of the hotel room and open the curtains further.

The sliding glass doors take up the entire front wall, from top to bottom. It’s a good thing your package came with a premium Buffet breakfast.

Achieving The Ultimate Holiday You Deserve

The aromatase of freshly ground coffee and fruit salad drizzled with honey, sprinkled with cinnamon, waiting at the breakfast bar with all the other delicious food. The smell of culinary food opens your palate. But first, you have to swim in the pool overlooking the silhouette mountain view/beachfront. Orgasmic right??

That pool you had your eyes on, overlooks that view. The tranquil environment leads you to a swim, like the excitement and trail of vanilla essence. Your partner/family joins you. The rest is history…

If only every day were like this! Who says you can’t have everything! Well, maybe not everything, but at least you can organise and prioritise your time.

You don’t have to do everything, cook, clean, work, run the household, the kids…

Did I mention the family? What about every other task that props up when you least expect it, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg?

So, what am I getting at with this blog, time? Time is the most valuable thing we have on earth –

That’s why ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE contributes to work-life balance. Our slogan is, less work more life balance, simple.

Call Eugene for your friendly licensed handyman for repairs, installations, custom-made installs, and home improvement. So you can have more time for your work-life balance and on the things you love to do.

The key to unlocking less work and more life balance

For the most part, our work should energise, fascinate and challenge us. However, it must also provide us enough time to appreciate and pursue life’s other aspects, such as friendships, family, hobbies and ideals. Since a balanced life is conducive to our health and well-being.

For each person, balance will mean something different. Here is a worksheet for you to download and help you become more self-aware so that whatever your goals are for work/life balance, they are ones that you have intentionally designed and chosen to achieve. It is not intended to impose a rigid work/life balance but to inspire you and take steps that will change your life when you take action.

Download the Work/Life balance worksheet by Dan Beverly, I highly recommend. It is one of the best out there in developing self awareness and using your time more wisely.

For more articles on less work more life balance to assist families with children who would like more information on how they can raise children and find a way to increase their Work/Life Balance, check out the raising children website endorsed by the *Australian Parenting Website

* Warning: This website and the information it contains is not intended as a substitute for professional consultation with a qualified practitioner.

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What our happy clients say about us?

“Eugene was just exceptional – he repaired my work to an incredible high quality and was also a delight to deal with. Great customer service..”
Review from Barbara C. From Ashbury NSW 2193 ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE
Barbara Chmielewski
Ashbury NSW 2193
“We had a real painful situation on a Saturday afternoon, and he helped us out with consideration and professionalism. Highly recommended!!”
Review from David C. From Carlton NSW 2218 ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE
David Carroll
Carlton NSW 2218
“We had a list of miscellaneous items around the house. My wife and I highly recommend Eugene to anyone looking for a trustworthy handyman..”
Review from Johnathan K. From Zetland NSW 2117 ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE
Johnathan Kim
Zetland NSW 2117

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